Technology has transformed the tedious task of manually spraying herbicides to a walk in the park with the use of atomised sprayers that release exact doses that no longer require dilution with water.

Rather than a heavy backpack containing 10 or 20 litres of water, Mankar spraying systems require just a litre of Roundup to be attached to the sprayer for coverage of up to one hectare of crops. A single wheel push system with opposing nozzles and trailer mount sprayers are also available for easier application of certain crop types.

Jean Joubert of Smith Power Equipment, the sole distributor of Mankar in South Africa, says the unique sprayers can exactly dose the chemical through atomisation which creates tiny droplets in just the right quantity to effectively control weeds. Unlike other spraying systems that require the dilution of 100-200 litres of water per litre of herbicide, the Mankar systems use only the herbicide in its original concentrated form.

“Ours is much more efficient and thanks to the fine atomising and confined spraying area it covers several times the area than traditional systems. On a large farm this can easily translate to millions of Rands worth of savings on chemical alone. In addition, the farmer no longer needs to use a tractor to tow a water bowser (or diluted chemical tank) to the site and saves considerable amounts of fuel, vehicle allocation and time as a result.

“What’s more is the Mankar spraying systems are available in a variety of configurations for different crops and are made to last the rigours of intensive farm use. They are also supported through our extensive dealer network which extends to all corners of the country and even the rural nooks and crannies where certain specialised crops may be grown,” says Jean.

The Mankar spraying systems are quality manufactured in the heart of Europe’s crop growing regions in the Netherlands and widely used across the globe. Fairly new in South Africa, the sprayers have already found strong footing in many of the country’s vineyards, fruit and other crops that require the control of weeds with Roundup.

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