Ibhubesi Agri and Nurseries 

Ibhubesi Agri and Nurseries prides ourselves in our ability to produce healthy trees, from seed to farm, within 14 months. We are dedicated in growing a diverse assortment of fruit and nut trees to provide the farmer with the confidence in our product to invest in their future. With five extensive years of experience, we are certain to supply quality trees. We specialise in Macadamia, Citrus and Avocado Trees. Our services include grafting, cloning/cuttings and pruning.

Why choose us?

  • We apply new thinking to original ideas by using science and modern technology
  • Highly skilled team to ensure a quality plant production experience
  • We only supply top quality plants to our customers
  • Our after sales service is first class and we offer assistance and advice long after you have taken your trees our of our nursery.