Kubu Group


The best possible starting position for you to obtain a high-yielding macadamia orchard is to start with trees that are sourced from a high-yielding macadamia orchard. Kubu Nursery stock is only produced from our best-performing “Gold Standard” macadamia orchards. These orchards consistently deliver a macadamia nut yield of more than 6 tons Dry-In-Shell, i.e. greater than 2.5 times the national average.

Please note, our nursery is based in Tzaneen, Limpopo, but we are able to deliver to farms throughout South Africa.

Back in 2015, we started the nursery for producing our own trees.  After seeing some issues in our orchards, such as the wrong cultivars compared to what we ordered, we determined that we must start our own nursery to provide us with critical assurance of guaranteed quality and full traceability.  Following its success and the strong market demand for trees, we commercialised the nursery in 2020. Currently, we produce over 200,000 trees a year at the highest possible quality, using the latest technology for monitoring and controlling all that we can, including temperature, humidity, and fertigation. This would mean nothing without our dedicated team of nursery specialists led by Robin Haussmann, the macadamia nursery “guru”, and further supported by Lindi Grobler, one of South Africa’s leading nursery agronomists.

In addition to the diligence of our amazing team, we use the latest Netafim computer system and automation, backed up with an uninterrupted power supply, to ensure that we stay in control of every possible aspect that can be controlled. From the temperature and humidity in our rooting tunnels, through to the precise EC and pH of the fertigation applied in our shade net houses, we leave nothing to chance.

To ensure you earn the highest return from your macadamia orchards, we will not compromise on selling you only the healthiest and strongest macadamia trees. We appreciate that planting a macadamia tree orchard is a long-term investment. Should you be interested, we are able to offer you advice on all aspects of macadamia orchard establishment, care and production. This is a complementary service that we offer to purchasers of our nursery trees.


Kubu Group is a certified member of the Seedling Growers Association of South Africa  (SGASA) ensuring that our macadamia nursery trees are produced to a minimum standard and importantly, in ways that minimise detrimental environmental practices, reduce excessive use of chemical products and ensure the safety, health and welfare of our workers.

We are members of SAMAC as both a crop producer and as a macadamia tree nursery. We do not have to be a member to sell macadamia trees, but we believe the macadamia industry in South Africa only has a long-term future if we remain vigilant on quality and SAMAC provides the best foundation for ensuring this.