Pidelta Pecan Processor

Pidelta is a professional modern multi-faceted agri-business with a wide range of products and services. The go-to company for seed-growing services for a range of crops and climate types, Pidelta has a long history and an excellent track record in the areas of crop production, forestry and livestock products.

Established in 1973 with the primary function of producing parent seed and seed maize for Africa’s largest seed supplier, Pidelta has grown into an extensive agricultural concern with farming enterprises across South Africa. Our farms are located in Umvoti, Winterton, Kaalfontein and Komatipoort districts, of which 3,700Ha are arable and devoted to production of seed crops and sugar cane. We have 2,100 Hectares under irrigation. The non-arable areas on the farms are used for forestry and grazing.

We employ 300 permanent staff across our farms and because seed production and forestry are both labour intensive enterprises we employ a further 1 000 people on a seasonal basis for specialised tasks such as detasseling and harvesting of maize and forestry products. We are significant employers in our areas of farming. Pidelta is self-sufficient with regard to all agricultural, forestry and related activities; including land prep, planting, spraying and harvesting. We are committed to continuously developing infrastructure such as our dams, irrigation, crop drying, machinery and equipment. Pidelta is continuously investing in cutting-edge technology to ensure that our crops, livestock and forestry products are of the highest quality.