The Macadamia is proud to announce we are expanding our service offering to the Macadamia Industry

Advanced Macadamia Consulting

Land Preparation

Orchard Development

Production and Canopy management

Establishment of a propagation unit (Nursery)

Soil Improvement (Amelioration)


Alternative energy

Further Support Services

Quality Agricultural Property Valuations

Aerial Mapping, Drone Photography and Satellite Imagery

Environmental Consulting Serviced

Waste Use License Applications
Environmental Impact Assessments
Basic Assessments
Environmental Management Programmes
Environmental Monitoring / Construction Auditing
Geographic Information Systems/Mapping

Environmental Sensitivity Studies
Feasibility Studies
Landscape Design, Planning and Implementation
Plant Material Search and Rescue, Planning and Implementation
Landfill Site Identification and Waste Management Plans
Mining Permit and Mining Right Applications
Green Building Concepts