Block Media, incorporating SHUKELA PLUS and THE MACADAMIA, believes that business has a responsibility to contribute to the social and economic upliftment of all South Africans, particularly during this trying time of COVID – 19 and the subsequent lockdown of the economy.

Many households have lost their income and thus the ability to support themselves.

BLOK MEDIA have teamed up in support of , as a simple and effective means to support some of these communities through the delivery of essential food parcels to those who need it most.

Once purchased, the parcels are then sent into one of four locations to be distributed to those in need.

We encourage our grower partners, customers, suppliers and the general public to participate in this scheme by purchasing one of these packs. This will ultimately enable us to make a deeper impact for real change.

Please get in touch with the team at for more information, and to see the wonderful work they are doing.

During this challenging time, let’s work together to Help Our Local Communities

Your R300 can make the world of difference to a hungry family.

Every cent, bar bank fees, goes towards food. And often suppliers cover the bank fees