Sugarcane farmers in KwaZulu-Natal who have had officials from the Department of Health screening for COVID-19 infections on their farms say the process has been efficient and highly professional.

The health officials the farmers say phone prior to their arrival to set up appointments and get the required details of the farm operations. “Once they arrive they are quick, very professional and clearly  know what they are doing. All out staff have now been screened which is a great relief to us as we are concerned that they are protected from infection,” one farmer said.

South Africa’s sugarcane growing industry was deemed an essential services within the agricultural sector at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. Strict regulations on health regulations to protect staff we set out to each member of the organisation and farmers have been diligent in ensuring their workers wear face masks and that social distancing is adhered to during the working day.

Department of Health officials on a sugarcane farm in northern KwaZulu-Natal get ready to screen the farm workers

Sugarcane farmers in KwaZulu-Natal have hailed the Department of Health’s COVID-19 screening process as efficient and professional

A Department of Health professional takes down the details of a sugarcane farm worker in northern KwaZulu-Natal