Your online auction gateway to Macadamia Gold

First Auction – Tuesday 11 August 2020

Macadamias are valued and revered globally as symbols of wealth and health – and now HelloChoice, the elite trading platform, makes the best of South African Macadamias available for Online Auction to wholesale buyers.

Like Gold and precious stones Macadamias remain a store of value because of their unsurpassed taste and health benefits. Their slow harvesting process validates the maxim that quality can’t be rushed.

Before HelloChoice’s Macadamia Auction, finding and buying these precious nuts of gold was risky, difficult and costly. No more!

Now Wholesale Buyers can find Macadamia Gold quickly and conveniently through HelloChoice.


How It Works:

The Auction is open to Qualified Sellers and Buyers conducted through a transparent and efficient bidding process with powerful Watchlist and Proxy Bidding Options

Sample Reports, and Farm Information are available prior to the Auction and final inspection and verification is available after the Auction if required once deposits have been processed.

For more information on the bidding process, buyers & seller benefits and registration process click here.


Auction Rules:

Here’s a summary of the Macadamia Auction Rules: