Aerobotics, our home-grown South African drone analytics company has been hard at work bringing even more AI-based solutions to their drone statistics platform.

After successful seasons locally and abroad, sizing fruit with their new mobile app in the citrus, pome, and stone fruit industries, they have worked hard on developing an AI nut-in-husk (NIH) sizing tool for Macadamia producers, and processors.

This impressive piece of tech combines drone based insights with proprietary algorithms to identify representative sample trees in each orchard from which nut sampling and nut counts are obtained.

Nut sizing and sampling is up to 25x faster than traditional means, and sample trees are more representative than ever before taking the guesswork out of where to sample and closing the error gap on harvest forecasting.

Average nuts per tree, nuts per orchard, or cultivar, are all stats that users enjoy, including real-time NIH size distributions, and forecasted NIH sizes updated each week ahead of harvest.

The Aerobotics team presented this industry-first solution to Golden Macadamias farmers at a study group in Alkmaar earlier this month, and will present again with Marquis Macadamias in Pongola later this week.

To learn more reach out to Ken Treloar at Aerobotics on +27 66 452 6125 ,

or by email at: (on-farm demos available on request, subject to availability)