Choosing anything but a pro-grade generator is probably a contradiction for anything more than the least important applications or that probably don’t need backup power anyway. After all, why buy a generator that will probably need a backup of its own in a few months’ time?

So says generators specialist, Renier Potgieter, of Smith Power Equipment, a leading supplier of generators to the trade. He adds that in all but the smallest applications the purchase of a generator is a major investment that requires careful thought and planning in order to meet a household or business’ current and future needs. In almost all instances the output needs to be carefully matched and the overall longevity of the equipment should be right near the top of priorities.

And, in this last phrase lies the crux of why only a pro-grade generator is likely to be good enough to meet users’ requirements. “To make your choice easier Smith Power Equipment stocks only pro-grade generators using among the best generator motors available in the world right now from either Japanese legendary manufacturer Kubota or the world’s bestselling large diesel engines from either John Deere or Cummins.

“Paired with iconic French-made Leroy Somer alternators to produce single-phase household current or three-phase industrial power efficiently and reliably, Smith Power Generators are at the pinnacle of pro-grade generation power,” says Renier.

He explains the engine and alternator combo needs to be perfectly matched to the alternator to ensure it delivers the specified output without over or under-stressing the engine. This ensures the best possible fuel consumption and reliability of the engine in the long run. Likewise, the electrical interface, mountings and assembly contribute to the durability of the equipment in the field for years to come.

“That means when you buy a Smith Power Generator it will last for years and decades to come with only the required services and maintenance to keep it running at its original capacity. Having reliable power available when you need it during planned or unexpected power is not negotiable and should never be an issue with pro-grade generators.

“Low-noise levels are usually also an important requirement and Smith Power Generators have this as a standard feature for a quiet and comfortable environment, both at home and in the workplace. Super silent units are also available for office parks and residential applications,” adds Renier.

Smith Power Generators pro-grade generator are available for all segments with a comprehensive range spanning from 12 to 2500kVA, offering single-phase generators for residential use and custom-built industrial generators with standard 400V and 525V options.

If South Africa’s electricity crisis has taught us anything, it is to buy quality equipment from the outset to avoid problems in future and negate the need to replace sub-standard equipment in future. There is simply no place for cheap quality backup power equipment and in almost every case it pays to speak to professionals to get the right advice and products for your requirements.

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