In the dynamic capital equipment rentals and materials handling industry, new entrant Smith Power Equipment has emerged as a prominent player with its exciting offerings of top-quality machinery and services at more affordable rates.

National rental fleet manager for Smith Power Equipment, Craig Tutton, says his vision for the growing rental division is the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. This requires highly tailored solutions to suit customers across a wide spectrum of industries while simultaneously enabling the company to become a turnkey provider of materials handling solutions for all equipment needs.

He adds that while the company has been involved in industrial and outdoor equipment such as tractors, turf maintenance and mobility solutions for many years, their primary focus has recently shifted to include material handling and related industrial vehicles. “We have a formidable offering to the material handling industry with top-notch brands like Ausa and Baoli (Kion Group) which makes the job of convincing clients much easier. The rental division will naturally also fan growth and sales of these brands for the company.”

Smith Power Equipment’s rental fleet of Baoli KB25 is a popular choice for rental

Try before you buy

“We have adopted a multifaceted approach to meet customers’ product and service requirements. This includes offering short-term and seasonal rentals that enable customers to effectively test the equipment firsthand before committing to a purchase. This innovative business model serves to generate short-term rental revenue while enticing potential customers to make long-term purchases once they experience the benefits of our top-quality equipment.

“Sales of this type of machinery has also taught us that uptime is crucial for customers in the material handling industry as it directly impacts their business and profitability and recognise that reliability is a critical requirement. Due to the industries demand SME have developed a fleet that covers all these demands from Agriculture, Brick yards, Construction, Retail, Cold Stores, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transport, Port Operations, Warehousing. The fleet currently includes both diesel, electric forklift, big trucks, and reach trucks.

“The rental fleet can also provide a rapid solution for companies with competitor machines facing equipment downtime due to faults or maintenance requirements and ensures their operations continue without disruption. It serves as a convenient option for customers who want to try out the equipment before making a long-term commitment and these are avenues we want to use to build trust and long-lasting relationships with our growing base of clientele,” says Craig.

The range of Ausa rough terrain forklifts provides customers with options where the concrete ends

Seasonal solutions

He explains that Smith Power Equipment makes every effort to accommodate customers who can now choose to rent for specific durations in order to optimize their operating expenses, either through the duration of a project or adjust to diversify their fleet in line with their own changing market conditions. This is especially appealing for seasonal and project rentals, where the company aims to ensure that every customer finds a solution that aligns with their needs and budget.

Future plans may see even more industrial rental solutions being added to the range that may span the entire range of the company’s comprehensive product offerings including agricultural, turf, construction and other equipment. By doing so, Smith Power Equipment seeks to position itself as a comprehensive solutions provider for customers, enabling them to access a broad suite of equipment and services, ensuring convenience and reliability.

Baoli reach trucks provide efficient materials handling options

Craig concludes that the company is committed to shaping the future of equipment rentals and material handling solutions. The company is poised to become a trailblazer in the industry and ideal partner for its customers’ material handling requirements.

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