Farm safety improved with no extra effort

Farm safety improved with no extra effort

“For 50 years I stirred the spray tanks with my bare hands, and drove mist blowers with open tractors. These pesticides are the reason I am so strong and healthy today”

Every farmer today have heard this said by the generation before them. It’s no secret that farmers have taken lightly on farm safety and good practices for handling chemicals in their business. The hazards involved are rarely immediate, rather they increase with more exposure. It’s the kind of risk you forget about in the daily routines.

I am not an alarmist. I will not claim immediate death will follow if you handle a pesticide without gloves. But realistically, the world in general has become more diligent in managing such risks, and the farming industry needs to follow. In the future, HSE will be more and more important. As will be experienced through more attention from auditors.

In short, 4 simple rules will make you a HSE champion:

  1. Don’t violate application rate and volume limits
  2. Don’t violate re-entry and withholding periods
  3. Wear suitable personal protective equipment
  4. Have documentation to prove above 3 bullets

At Farmable, we focus on freeing up office time for farmers, so they can focus on growing food. Our latest feature, the Safe Spraying Module, makes HSE compliance easy.

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What’s New in 2022 at Farmable

What’s New in 2022 at Farmable

Learn how 12,000 farms are using Farmable to manage orchard data. The Farmable team shares information on their free Farm Management App for Macadamia nut growers and their latest features including Timesheets and Reporting. Curious what is coming up in 2022? The second half of the video showcases Smart Spraying, Sales Management, Field-based Profitability and Automated Weather Tracking. Watch the video to learn more about how Farmable is supporting South African orchards to reach an integrated, digital future that reduces the time and energy spent on data management.


Introducing Ant Goble – SAMAC Vice Chairperson

Introducing Ant Goble – SAMAC Vice Chairperson

South Africa’s 2015 Young Farmer of the Year Ant Goble, who was recently appointed as SAMAC vice-chairperson, says the nomination and election to the position means he now has an ideal opportunity to serve an industry which has become vitally important for the survival of so many sugarcane growers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Goble was elected to the position at the industry body’s Annual General Meeting in October last year.

“This gives me a real chance to serve other growers and to help them to move forward and improve or grow their operations. I want to give back to the macadamia industry as it is a sector on which we now depend so heavily,” he said.

As the country’s sugar industry continues to decline, macadamia nuts have become an increasingly important diversification option for many cane growers, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal.

Goble farms in the Upper Tongaat area in KwaZulu-Natal with 220ha under Beaumont, A4, 816, 814 and Nelmac2, all under drip irrigation and fertigation.

He also has 2 300ha under sugarcane and serves as the Local Grower Council chairman for the industry member-body SA Canegrowers.

Goble said he was expecting a good crop this year after what he termed “a long wait”. “I first planted 6ha of macadamias fourteen years ago. Our youngest trees have been in the ground for six months. We have just started harvesting and the nuts coming off our three-to five-year old trees are really looking good,” he said.



• UPL is the largest manufacturer and distributor of biosolutions worldwide.

• NPP will focus on UPL’s global biosolutions operations, accounting for 7% of total revenues.

• Biosolutions market set to grow to US$10bn by 2025 as consumers demand more sustainable food systems.

LONDON, 28 JUNE 2021: UPL Ltd. (NSE: UPL & BSE: 512070), a world leader in sustainable agriculture products and solutions, has announced the launch of ‘NPP’ – Natural Plant Protection – a new global business unit housing UPL’s comprehensive portfolio of natural and biologically derived agricultural inputs and technologies.

NPP will act as a stand-alone brand, consolidating UPL’s existing biosolutions portfolio, network of R&D laboratories and facilities worldwide, which currently accounts for 7% of UPL’s total revenues.

NPP’s global offering will continue to benefit from UPL’s extensive global distribution footprint, drawing on innovation, research and development capabilities, and will be supported by UPL’s unique, proven ability to rapidly bring products to market on a global scale.

NPP’s extensive portfolio will play a vital role addressing farmers’ pain points – including abiotic stress, soil health, residues, and resistance management – in developed and developing agricultural markets alike.

Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL Ltd. said:

“For over two decades, UPL has been investing in the development and scaling of biosolutions. The strength of our current portfolio is testament not only to our progressive approach to sustainable agriculture, but also to the dedication of our teams across the world to meeting the innovation and technology needs of farmers, consumers, and the environment. Our OpenAg purpose places collaboration at the heart of progress, and NPP will work across UPL’s global footprint to shape and scale the biological technologies of the future.”

Fabio Torretta, Chief Operating Officer, NPP, UPL, said: “NPP can change the world. It has the right capabilities, the right mindset, and the right technical skills and resources to drive a new era of positive, progressive change in agriculture. The biosolutions market is set for double-digit growth to US$10bn by 2025, compared to traditional agrochemicals, which are projected to experience single digit growth. NPP is well positioned to shape a more sustainable food future.”

One of NPP’s greatest strengths will be the company’s ability to cross-pollinate innovation across regions, understanding and learning from the needs of one market to increase the speed and depth of penetration into another market. NPP will be agile in adding products and platforms to its portfolio, creating global partnerships and training programs, contributing to environmental sustainability, farmer resilience, and improving food value chains worldwide. ENDS.

For more information, please contact:

Radhika Arora
Head of Investor Relations, UPL Ltd.

Jessica Rebello,
Global Marketing Communications Manager, UPL Ltd.

Notes to Editors: About UPL UPL Ltd. (NSE: UPL & BSE: 512070) is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions, with annual revenue exceeding $5 billion. We are a purpose-led company. Through OpenAg, UPL is focused on facilitating progress for the entire agricultural value chain. We are building a network that redefines the way an entire industry thinks and works – open to fresh ideas, innovative ways and new answers as we strive towards our mission to make every single food product more sustainable. As one of the largest agriculture solutions companies worldwide, our robust portfolio consists of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions with more than 13,600 registrations. We are present in more than 130 countries, represented by more than 10,000 colleagues globally. For more information about our integrated portfolio of solutions across the food value chain including seeds, post-harvest, as well as physical and digital services. Fabio Toretta will lead NPP as Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Carlos Pellicer, Global Chief Operating Officer, UPL Ltd. To explore NPP, please visit: (Live from 28 June 2021) To learn more about UPL’s work visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook



The global pandemic is not too tough a nut for the macadamia industry to crack!

The sector’s future is bright as Green Farms Nut Company (GFNC) stays in keeping with tradition to be first to market with a strong 2021 price offer to macadamia producers; setting the benchmark for competitor processors. The price offer is based on individual nut styles and grades and is anticipated to hold largely inelastic as demand currently outpaces supply.

This comes together with the buoying news that the business announces an additional bonus of 10% over and above the 2020 price offer payment made to farmers for crop delivered in last year’s season. The “agterskot” is made possible largely due to better US dollar prices achieved by GFNC’s marketing company, Green & Gold Macadamias (G&G), and favourable exchange rate fluctuations.

“Beyond being testament to the sophistication of our marketing team at G&G, the resilience of macadamias, notwithstanding pandemic storm, is due to growing consumer demand. Customers understand the benefits of the plant-based product, and they steadfastly sustain and place value in making macadamias a part of their daily diet and lifestyle,” comments Allen Duncan, CEO, GFNC.

In further bolstering this news for farmers, GFNC will revert to its usual advantageous payment terms of 65% payment for crop on 30 days with the remaining 35% paid in November and February of each season. This is widely understood to be industry leading amongst established players in the market.

“We are delighted to confirm our new finance partners, Investec Bank, and through this revert back to our longstanding favourable payment terms. Following liquidity issues of the Landbank (our financiers at the time) in early 2020 we were forced to revise payment terms; and the importance of our longstanding and trusted relationships with growers came to fore,” continues Duncan.

Impact of COVID-19 on macadamias last year is a tale of two halves.

As lockdowns spread throughout the planet and people became ever more conscious of staying healthy while the virus rampaged, demand for premium macadamia kernels (snack grades) remained strong, as did prices. Due to the smaller than expected South African crop last year, China (where macadamias are purchased in-shell), was not able to forward-buy inventory as usual. Because of this, the country is likely to have increased appetite for product this year.

The ingredient sector ran into difficulty as restaurants and other food retail outlets stuttered through forced closures, significantly knocking ingredient grade prices, down by as much as 20%. Notable producer, Hawaii, typically relies solely on domestic sales through local tourism. The travel industry was entirely hampered in 2020 also due to the pandemic, and this meant that Hawaii exported all its produce, placing additional dynamic and sometimes strain into the global market.

“G&G is skilled at interpreting the market and through its wide and diverse customer base most stock was committed and sold early in 2020, translating to relatively minimal impact for the company, and ultimately producers. It was proactive and successful in launching new products for the ingredients sector, which ensured continued movement of stock,” comments Alex Whyte, sales manager, G&G.

“With an optimistic outlook for the year, it is full steam ahead for the industry at large. All three GFNC factories (in Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga) have undergone capacity upgrades to accommodate increasing supply and efficiently drive throughput. Major outlay has been made at the Kwazulu-Natal facility as this region of the country continues to burgeon. State of the art automation and food safety technology investment will secure tenure and develop new markets and sales channels,” concludes Duncan.


Contact: Annelle Whyte,, +27 711 638

Bell launches global pre-owned equipment website

Bell launches global pre-owned equipment website

Bell pre-owned equipment can now be shopped online thanks to the launch of a dedicated global website,, which is also accessible from the company’s website.

Doug Morris, Bell Equipment’s Managing Director: Europe, Middle East and Africa, who has overseen the project, said: “Previously our efforts were localised, and we wanted to create an online solution to promote our pre-owned equipment globally. The website gives Bell operations, and dealers should they wish, access to a fully integrated platform to advertise their pre-owned Bell machines. This means that customers around the world can shop all the pre-owned equipment we have available from one user-friendly and convenient website.

“We are thrilled with the result because it gives the group flexibility that did not exist before. For example, Bell UK can now sell its stock in South Africa or through our entire dealer network and vice versa. The platform gives us the ability to easily manage an integrated internal stock system, upload to our website as well as publish to an external service provider to advertise internationally.”

In keeping with the global theme of the website, customers can select their preferred currency and choose to have information displayed in either English, German, Russian, French or Spanish.

The website is easy to navigate and groups machinery according to industry, namely: mining and construction, forestry, agriculture, roads and rehabilitation, crushing and screening, and application equipment.

For each piece of kit, there are several photographs and detailed information including the brand, year of manufacture, hours worked, the machine location and the selling price and contact details of the organisation selling the machine. This information can be used to refine a search. In addition, customers can generate an enquiry directly from the website.