Tessenderlo Kerley’s flagship SOP (sulfate of potash) fertilizer, branded SoluPotasse®, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. For three decades, SoluPotasse® has been providing farmers with the highest quality and sustainable water-soluble grade of SOP. In 1993, when SoluPotasse® was introduced into the market, Tessenderlo Kerley was the first SOP manufacturer worldwide to develop a fully soluble grade of SOP. This was launched in response to an increasing demand from growers wishing to use SOP in fertigation systems. Since its introduction, SoluPotasse®, which is produced in Belgium, has become the leading global brand of soluble SOP, with sales in more than 100 countries around the world and over 3 million tons have been sold since its launch. This makes ‘the pink bag’ the most-sold water-soluble SOP globally.

SoluPotasse® is the original and best-in-class, water-soluble grade of SOP. It provides a highly soluble form of potassium and sulfur in the sulfate form and can be used for fertigation in a wide variety of crops. Developed and subsequently enhanced by a team of expert scientists and agronomists, SoluPotasse® has set new standards. Its unique formulation ensures efficient nutrient uptake by plants, delivering superior results compared to traditional potassium fertilizers. This high-grade product continues to be valued by professional growers throughout the world and is considered a versatile and sustainable water-soluble fertilizer, especially for use in chloride sensitive crops and areas at risk from salinity to boost crop yield and quality.

A leader in sustainable SOP fertilizers

“SoluPotasse® has been recognized for many years as a leading product in sustainable agriculture. It contains virtually no chloride, which ensures that soil salinity can be avoided, and its superior soluble quality makes it ideal for fertigation and precision farming.  Furthermore, SoluPotasse® has a carbon footprint across the full value chain that is 15 to 20% lower than the average for SOP production. We have dedicated considerable work and investments in our production processes over the last couple of years and our ambition is to decarbonize our production even more in the years to come,” explains Geert Gyselinck, Executive Vice President Tessenderlo Kerley International.

By upcycling sulfur by-products from refineries into safe, non-hazardous fertilizers that become a valuable resource for growers, our SOP fertilizers are actively contributing to creating sustainable agriculture throughout the world. Moreover, the by-product hydrochloric acid from our SOP production process is, in turn, converted into coagulants that are used for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, as well as for the purification of drinking water.”


Looking Ahead

As SoluPotasse® celebrates its remarkable 30-year journey, Tessenderlo Kerley remains dedicated to innovation and sustainable agriculture. As well as collaborating with researchers and farmers worldwide to make further advancements in the field of SOP fertilizers, Tessenderlo Kerley will continue to explore new technologies, refine its formulations, improve the energy mix of its production process, and further decarbonize its processes to ensure it is an even more sustainable company in the next 30 years and beyond.

We have an undisputed strategy to remain at the forefront of the specialty SOP market. To this end, we will continue to consistently deliver high-quality products while simultaneously improving our focus on customer service. As we celebrate the legacy of SoluPotasse®, we must acknowledge its significant contribution to agricultural productivity and environmental preservation. Here’s to the 30 years of excellence realized so far and the many more years to come!”.

About Tessenderlo Kerley International

Tessenderlo Kerley International, which is part of Tessenderlo Group (Euronext: TESB), supplies value-added liquid, soluble and solid plant nutrition to support growers in realizing efficient and sustainable agriculture. Our global team of agronomists and commercial advisers is characterized by a dynamic local network, strong customer focus, and an outstanding heritage. This is because we are able to build on the 100+ years of expertise at Tessenderlo (in solid and soluble potassium-based fertilizers) and the 70+ years of expertise at Kerley (in liquid sulfur-based fertilizers). Our dedication to giving farmers the precise tools needed to optimize their crops is at the very heart of everything we do. Our portfolio consists of well-recognized specialty fertilizers such as SoluPotasse®, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, CaTs®, etc., and we continuously invest in these products in terms of innovation, product development, and support. This is how we can guarantee that all of our interactions – whether they involve our products, our experts, or our advisers – will create maximal benefits, i.e. a better yield for crops, more control for farmers, and a healthier planet for everyone. The Tessenderlo Kerley International business unit is focusing on markets outside the US and Canada. More information can be found on the website