In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the landscape of the South African macadamia industry, Macadamia Services Management (MSM) proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary online trading platform scheduled for 15 February 2024. The event will take place at the Church Unlimited auditorium in Nelspruit and will feature a keynote address by renowned motivational speaker Jo Black, running from 10:00 to 13:00, with lunch provided.

Mr. Cobus Kok, the Managing Director of MSM, asserts that the launch event signifies more than just a timely intervention but marks a paradigm shift in the macadamia industry. He invites stakeholders from across the macadamia sector to gain valuable insights into MSM’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and growth through its cutting-edge online trading platform, set to operate on a global scale.

MSM is poised to revolutionise the macadamia sector by serving as a catalyst for self-regulation and fostering free market participation. Kok explains that the platform connects macadamia buyers and sellers, ensuring a fair and transparent marketplace. “Our goal is to unleash organic growth within the macadamia sector by providing a platform that encourages fair market participation, stimulating the industry’s natural development without artificial constraints.”

The approach adopted by MSM aims to facilitate sustainable growth, allowing the industry to flourish in a balanced and self-regulating manner. This, in turn, will enable the macadamia industry to adapt and evolve efficiently, responding to the needs and demands of both producers and consumers.

Acknowledging the specialised and mature nature of the macadamia industry, MSM’s commitment extends beyond national borders, recognising the global interconnectedness of the macadamia market. The organisation aspires to contribute not only to local success but also to position the industry favourably in the international arena, fostering growth and collaboration on a global scale.

For additional information and details on attending the launch event, please contact or phone 013 010 3188.

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