Pictured above: Lize Roets, Joy Gulle, Lindria Lategan provided creamy samples of Giraf Macadamia Milk.

AmberMacs hosted their third Macadamia Expo this year with the event growing from strength to strength. Held from 8 to 9 February in White River, Mpumalanga, the occasion attracted hundreds of visitors and had more than 180 exhibitors showcasing everything a macadamia nut farmer needs to succeed. There were also a noticeable number of value-added products for sale, showing advancement in this under-serviced sector of the industry.

Johan Sutherland from Laeveld Trekkers gave farmers a peak at new equipment.

Saws and pruning equipment were on display. Pictured from left to right is Quenton Esterhuizen from STIHL, Bruce Bjerg from MPI, and Quinton van Rooyen and Monique Butler, both from Enviro Forestry.

Macadamia nut milk, ice cream, liqueurs, coffee and flavoured nuts were just some of the products demonstrating the versatility of these nuts.

Visitors were given a breakdown of macro, and macadamia specific related market information, and the latest on benchmarking and pest control research.

AmberMacs’ managing director, Philip Moufarrige, said the expo offered something useful for both seasoned and newer farmers alike, and aimed to benefit and support growers and suppliers through the sharing of the latest ideas and innovations in farming practices, technology, pest control, irrigation, dam building, pruning, harvesting and drying.

The annual expo, held in White River at the AmberMacs processing facility had over 180 exhibitors.

Marelize Kelder, Michelle Schnepel, Chane Ackerman from Michem Cleaning Supplies.

Economist Dawie Roodt and AmberMacs’ managing director, Philip Moufarrige.